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A Consumer's Resource for Stopping Unsolicited Telemarketing Calls.
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Links to Other Sites of Interest


The following web sites also provide information, resources, or discussion of telemarketing abuses and may be of interest to you.

www.junkfaxes.org - Sister site focusing on the "junk fax" provisions in the TCPA and various state laws.

www.donotcall.GOV - New national Do Not Call Registry implemented by the FCC and the FTC. Free sign up for residential and cellular telephone numbers.

www.intellescreener.com - A device made by an Oklahoma company that allows you to selectively screen calls.

www.dianamey.com - Diana Mey's site. Diana, her husband Mark, and family went toe-to-toe with Sears telemarketers who persistently called in spite of her do-not-call requests. After she finally sued them, they countersued her because she recorded the conversations - which is perfectly legal in most states, including her state of West Virginia. She ended up having the last laugh when she crushed them with what we assume was a hefty settlement for both the telemarketing violations and malicious prosecution for the harassment countersuit. All the while, Diana did all of this with total class. Diana has appeared on numerous local and national television and radio, and was one of People Magazine's most intriguing people of 1999.

Southwest Texas TCPA Site - Excellent resource from the heart of automatic dialer country. Includes extensive listings of theequipment vendors and prerecorded telemarketing messgaes (many of which may be in use by similar businesses all over the country). Operated by Joe Sheilds, co-moderator of the prerecord-l mailing list.


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